3Guys5Wheels’ Teen Bikers Return to Livermore Following Fundraiser Ride for East Bay Prayer Furnace | Community News

Livermore teens Danny Knight, Aiden Habiger, and Malachi Schallitz recently completed their 1,930-mile charity trek from San Francisco to Oklahoma and came home happy, satisfied, and exhausted.

“It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m so grateful and blessed to do it,” said Danny, the unicyclist of the 3Guys5Wheels gang who rode to raise funds for Tri-Valley Young Life and the East Prayer Furnace Bay.

The idea for the ride came two years ago when Danny, who was just learning to ride a unicycle, felt inspired whether he could make it to Oklahoma, where his brother Josiah is attending college. While working at Wendy’s in Livermore to raise some cash for the trip, Danny met Malachi, who quickly signed up for the adventure, as did Danny’s long-time friend Aiden. With Dan Knight, Danny’s father, on board to drive the support vehicle for the trip, the adventure began.

The drivers mapped roughly 80 miles a day, navigating the California coast, battling crazy drivers, dehydration, boredom, and the occasional chafing. They mostly stayed at campsites, but took weekly rest days to indulge, sleep, eat, and see the sights at a local motel.

The group arrived in Tulsa on August 16 and was expecting a welcome party at Oral Roberts University. Local media also came to greet and interview the boys.

The trip wasn’t without some marked highlights and a treasure trove of fun facts, they said. Highlights include: State with the most lakes, Oklahoma; most outstanding rock formations, New Mexico; Worst Flies, West Texas Panhandle; Number of dead armadillos found en route, 30; Number of pursuits of dogs, 3; Number of flat tires, 20 to 25, but none on the unicycle.

For the boys, the adventure brought a variety of experiences and lifelong memories.

“We learned to be strong and never give up,” said Malachi.

Aiden added, “Persistence and power have overcome the environment for us.”

Dan Knight agreed that the trip offered many life lessons.

“I don’t know how you could help, but learn that really great things can be done mile after mile,” he said.

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